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Learning to Achieve Common Purpose

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

This video is about achieving alignment of results across a team working to achieve a common purpose.

How can we adopt a more holistic perspective of learning experiences so we can leverage more to achieve more learning in organisations and society? How do we begin to see learning as more than what we do in workshops or eLearning?

All social activities have an intersubjective element that pursues alignment and some level of common or shared understanding of what we are doing and why - common purpose. We know we can't assume common or shared understanding to be true, and in most cases, it is not.

The question here is about the level of awareness, understanding and the ability to do. Both for the leader/manager of the activity who should have an expectation of achievement and everyone else involved in the activity who's perspective of success should align with the leader/manager.

We need to expand the view of learning solutions to embrace the importance of awareness as the foundation of alignment and not the lowest level of understanding.

Awareness, when triggered effectively, can trigger the emotional response that activates the motivation to want to align, and the willingness to invest the effort necessary to align and to achieve.

So, the question about achieving common purpose is a question about awareness first then understanding and then finally the ability to do.

The leader or manager of the activity should have an expectation of achievement that can be communicated. Everyone else involved in the activity should have a perspective of success that is aligned with the leader/manager or sponsor of the activity.

The answer to the question is "learning".

In this era of digital solutions, video-based social media and an amazing appetite to engage with content online, learning to achieve common purpose has become a lot easier. So much so that anyone with a message and camera, and that's now a lot of people, is able to unintentionally activate action across the globe by simply creating communication assets that are effective in connecting and aligning others to their purpose.

Why then do we still struggle to gain alignment in our organisations and teams?

Maybe it's time for comms and learning teams to come together and align results....

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