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Beyond Coaching...

Working with a Personal Development Consultant

Reflecting on my achievements, I am drawn to the challenges and obstacles that threatened each one. I am humbled by the coaching I received from managers, knowledge from teachers, skills from trainers, advise from mentors and people whose opinions I respected; without all of which I probably would never have made it across.

As a learning and development specialist, the work I do with people in the context of their roles within organizations has shown me over and over again that people make all the difference. Truly nothing seems “impossible” when dealing with what a human being is capable of achieving.

What we offer deals with people's lives across multiple dimensions, including professional or income-generating, faith or religious, social with family and friends. I believe the strength of each person's desire to be successful in any of these dimensions should activate their full development potential that can then be fully optimised.

The current type of support available to most people at this personal level is often a fragmented proposition of either training, coaching, mentoring (advice) or a transactional purchase of end products.

My observations and personal experience have shown me some people will benefit from an integrated proposition - training, coaching, advice and consulting, enabling desired life products in any life dimension, all in a single development relationship.

That is why I’ve created such a service in DTB services. You get a personal development consultant able to augment your capability through development, and your capacity through collaborative working.


To read more about what we offer individuals view the details under individuals on the HOME PAGE.

You can read about our engagement plans by going HERE.

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