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Case Study - Digital Transformation of Sales Training with Enhanced Multichannel Delivery Strategy

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Customer Value & Revenue |

Regional Office of Global BFSI Organisation

  • Solution Owner: Regional Head of Distribution

  • Problem Solver: Regional Head of Training

  • Solution Implementer: Local Heads of Training

  • Duration: 24 Months

(BFSI: Banking, Financial Services and Insurance)

Problem Space

Digital transformation of frontline training and training teams’ practices to increase the impact on performance, retention and professionalism in the context of a unique distribution strategy.

Solution Space

Capability architecture aligned to frontline activities at the point of customer contact (sales and relationship), frontline management and strategy (sales leadership) levels.

Learning architecture for digital learning, templates for flipping classroom and introduction of work-based learning support

The Approach 

Capability Augmentation

  • Strategizing: Reviewed and distilled out the essence of the customer experience strategy and performance goals into a holistic set of frontline activities for sales, relationship management and sales management in the unique context of the type of financial services and distribution model. Assessed and defined the gap between current training practices and required frontline capabilities.

  • Creating: Updated capability framework for frontline, management, leadership and training team. Designed digital-first multi-channel learning architecture

  • Engaging: Worked with primary co-creators (problem solver and solution implementer) to educate, influence and align executive sponsors and all stakeholders and brief external partners/vendors

Capacity Augmentation 

  • Engaging: Creating communication assets and delivering sessions to educate and influence stakeholders and country-level solution implementers to play their part in enabling solution success

  • Supervising: Outlining project workstreams and milestones, based on solution construct to aid project planning and management. Reviewing the submissions/deliverables from regional and country teams as well as external partners/vendors for alignment to brief and suitability for agenda.

  • Executing: Developed a few working prototypes of solution concepts, digital and reimagined workshop experiences to aid both stakeholder understanding and build internal capabilities.

Solution Value

  • Delivered Efficiently: Solution prototype developed within committed timelines and within the budget allocated

  • Quality: The approach is taken to build frontline capability was new and different. The solution implementers saw value in the shift and acknowledged the uniqueness not just from the organisation’s perspective but also from the specific industry’s perspective.

  • Impact: Impact on performance and strategy yet to be assessed as a solution only recently went live. However, continued access to sponsorship and progress towards launch indicate continued belief in the direction based on progress made.


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