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Living Life With Purpose

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Hi all, something to think about:

Pursuing your purpose starts with having enough knowledge and understanding to recognize our intentions and be intentional across our many decisions and actions. Next, having confidence in our ability to take the actions necessary to achieve what we desire.

Education is macro, it expands our ability to envision new possibilities

Performance support and training are micro, they increase our ability to turn possibilities in our current context into achievements.

If we are not sure about (or not confident in our understanding of) the opportunities, or of all the things we can achieve in our current context, or if we are not sure the actions we are taking are the right ones, maybe it‘s time for some education….

However, if we are confident our actions are the right ones but they don’t seem to be helping us achieve what we are trying to achieve, maybe it’s time for performance support and some training.

I would really love to hear what you think… 🙂

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