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We have a simple, risk-free engagement approach...




How we help organisations...



How we help individuals...



As you seek to become the most capable professional you can be,

we help you optimise your development efforts to get the most value and returns from your past and current context and experiences


As you seek to define and achieve your aspirations for career progression or change,

we help you remain true to yourself as you optimise the value of all your experiences to discover and leverage your strengths


As you seek to grow and solve the problems of your community,

we help you discover, align, galvanise and optimise the inherent value available to you through the diversity of your members

Dehumo Bickersteth

Dehumo is the owner and principal consultant of DTB Services. 


He set up DTB Services because he believes the learning and development profession can do a lot more to help people integrate and leverage experiences from all aspects of their lives to achieve success with fulfilment in each aspect of their life - professional, religious and social


We believe in the power of collaboration, seeking to achieve a whole that is always greater than the sum of the parts. 


We work with a wide range of experts who share our values and principles and we are always seeking new people with whom we can collaborate to bring the most value to every engagement and related projects.

Visit the insights section to read more about our collaborators and the different solutions we've created and implemented. 


We believe in the power of technology to augment human capacity and capabilities when used with intent. 

We are constantly researching technology and tools that can scaffold the process of developing solutions and the sustainability of implementation.

We push the affordances of technology to offer the most value to all the projects we work on and the solutions we implement.  

Visit the insights section to read more about the technologies we've used, we are using and that we've researched 


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