A human centric, people solutions firm providing advisory, consulting, coaching and training services with a strong technology orientation

What We Offer

We work with organisations and individuals, delivering value through deep collaboration and co-creation. 



We operate from a capacity and capability augmentation perspective. We provide just the level of expertise and additional capacity you need to deliver on the agenda or execute the project successfully. 

Read more in the organisational services section about how we can help and a few examples of the kind of services we offer.   

Taking Notes


Our work with individuals is about helping each person learn to leverage every experience, whatever and wherever it might be, to develop the knowledge, skills and perspectives needed to be the best they can be, to offer the most value they can offer and to enjoy a life of achievements with fulfilment. 

Image by John Schnobrich


The Career Optimiser is a platform designed to offer technology-enabled support for career and professional development thoughts, decisions, and actions.


The vision is to empower each person to articulate their professional and career goals and successfully work towards achieving those goals.  

Upcoming Events

  • Managing Your Performance
    Thu, 09 Dec
    Virtual Workshop
    09 Dec, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm SGT
    Virtual Workshop
    Everyone talks about managing performance but how do you actually do it? This program explores and addresses some fundamental capabilities required to manage your performance and increase your ability to achieve desired results.
  • Managing Your Career
    Thu, 16 Dec
    Virtual Workshop
    16 Dec, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm SGT
    Virtual Workshop
    Your career is really about what you have to offer as a professional now, and what you will be able to offer in the future. Any opportunity to reflect on your experience allows you to explore this proposition.