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Living Life With Purpose

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Hi All,

Happy New Year. Wishing you all an awesome year ahead!

I was editing a set of slides for a video I plan to record on Managing Your Intentionality and ended up revising a set of resources that I felt will be useful, so I am sharing them with the group.

Have a look at the attached and let me know what you think.

Use the questions on the last page/slide to reflect on any of the roles you are playing in life right now or plan to play this year, see what insights emerge.

Purposefulness - Any Life Role
Download PDF

I will share additional versions of the last slide over the next few days, covering roles like sales, managers, etc. I have also updated the Career Optimiser App with some additional guidance on performance in the "plan" tab.

Oh, and once I am done with the video I will share it here as well... 😅 Cheers!


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