Managing Your Performance 

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The live session on Thursday 9th of December is an interactive session supported by the questions submitted pre-event.

The resources on this page will help you start thinking about questions or areas you'd like the live session to cover, and by asking those questions using the event Q&A at the bottom of this page, you get to influence the focus of the live session which will help you get the most out of it.

At the session, we will be discussing how to be more intentional. We will explore what you're trying to achieve across specific roles and activities in your life. As the clarity of your desired results increases, you will be better positioned to live your life with purpose.

To get you started, reflect on these questions as you review the curated videos and blog posts below: 

  1. What roles am I playing in my life right now? (student, employee/employer, individual-contributor/people leader,  father/mother, husband/wife, etc) 

  2. What results am I trying to achieve in these roles? (or what problems do I need to solve in these roles?)

  3. What am I doing to achieve these results or solve these problems? (Are they working?)

  4. Do I have sufficient capabilities (knowledge and skills) to know what to do, how to do it and do it well enough to solve the problems?

  5. Am I sufficiently motivated to do whatever it takes to achieve these results or solve these problems? 

Event Q&A

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Asking your questions pre-event will ensure the event is focused on your context addressing what you will find valuable and immediately useful.

The Q&A will remain open and be used during the live event 

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Curated Videos

These videos have been compiled to provide you with an overview of the key concepts and principles we'll be applying during the session. 

Selected Blog Posts

These selected blog posts provide you with additional perspectives of how the key concepts and principles apply