A Career Optimiser Program Package

The Accomplished Professional

Grow with your experiences into your full potential as a professional

This package offers four career optimiser programs in sequence. 

As a package, the programs works with you to develop and grow as a true professional, regardless of field, discipline, industry or role. Your years of experience should result in levels of mastery, confidence and courage. 

The multiple 10,000 hours invested in performing various tasks in different roles across varying contexts should translate into levels of expertise; that is what this package of programs aims to enable.  


  • 32 hours over a maximum of 16 weeks 

  • 24 hours of content and activities

  • 8 hours of coaching

Note: You can also choose to take the programs one at a time at your own pace. 

Programs in the Package

  • Creating your capability profile (CBCM1)

    Initial duration defined during discovery call

    Building a capability-focused resume

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  • Managing your performance (CBCM2)

    Initial duration defined during discovery call

    Extracting full development value from current role

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  • Be ready for your next role (CBCM3)

    Initial duration defined during discovery call

    Identifying and achieving high-readiness for next roles

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  • Defining your career aspirations (CBCM4)

    Initial duration defined during discovery call

    Set a course to guide your decisions and learn to value each milestone on the journey

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Package Cost

US$ "contact us"

Complete the programs in sequence

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