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Testimonial: MacDonald T

Purpose, Performance & Development |

As a ’subject matter expert’ clients come to me for advice and expertise. It is therefore imperative that I make sure I’m up to date and relevant with the work I do as well as ensure that I bring value to the work that I do. This in turn makes it hard to say ‘I don’t know sometimes, especially when everyone is looking to you for the answers.

Working with Dehumo, who has provided support in the context of the industry and role within which I work has enabled me to successfully take on new challenges and succeed in delivering quality as well as timely solutions. I have been able to approach new challenges with confidence enabling me to grow in my personal and professional role, as well as bring those around me along the journey of development and transformation.

Working through real business problems with Dehumo has helped to frame my strategic thinking and approach to challenges, spot opportunities and embrace change without fear. Questioning why we are doing something as well as challenging processes that do not make sense has become the norm and inspired others to speak up and do the same, creating an environment of inspiration and creativity.

With Dehumo’s help, I have advanced in my career and developed skills and capabilities which enabled me to pursue opportunities that otherwise may have been out of reach.


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