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Testimonial: Adenuga O

Purpose, Performance & Development |

Dehumo and I were Neighbours growing up in Obafemi Awolowo University. Nothing was impossible to him.

He is really more than a human to me. If he told me to go, I went!

Musically, He is instrumental to my style of singing. He actually taught me to adlib the way I do.

In business and career...he has completely impacted my life! Listening ears, out of box thinking...FINANCIAL SUPPORT!!!  Now, the way he believes in me... I don’t want to fail!

Dehumo is always ready to help. So much so I believe I owe him big time.

He is an all-around inspiration. He is too brilliant yet he keeps developing himself.

I tell people, Dehumo is one of the most intelligent humans on earth today!


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