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Testimonial: Adenuga A

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I’ve known Dehumo for close to 35 years and he’s been my go-to solution provider many times.

First, it was asking him to play keyboards and accompany me as I sang.

Next, he helped to produce my songs and several albums. Let’s not forget how many times he helped with helping to resolve sound reinforcement challenges.

And then last year, I can never forget how Dehumo helped significantly to help my business, Unboxed Conferences, transit from running physical conferences to effective virtual events.

One thread runs through all of Dehumo’s intervention- willingness to help and providing a lasting solution, not a temporary fix. 

Dehumo doesn’t know everything but when I present him with a challenge he doesn’t have a solution for at the moment, he simply says, ‘Give me some time". Then he comes back with a way out. That speaks to the fact that he’s ever learning.


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