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Rethinking the Value of Your Time and Effort

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

The true value of what we do depends on our reason for doing it. Why are we doing it?

What or how much we get from the experience of performing any task or activity is determined by what we are trying to achieve because what we are trying to achieve determines where we focus our attention and effort.

This applies to work experiences, which happen to take up a significant percentage of adult life. So, why we go to work every day and why we perform the various activities at work will determine what and how much we get from all that time and effort.

The world we live in now requires leadership and self-directedness at every level of work in the organization or society. This means choosing to exercise the control you have over why you are doing anything you are doing, knowing that choice can either switch off or switch on the full extent of your capacity, capabilities and the value of that experience.

These slides present a few different reasons why we might be doing what we are doing at work.

You can watch the animated keynote presentation. There's a gem in the music close to mid-point 🙂 (Music credit Artist: Dehumo | Album: What a Life | Song Title: One Man, Many Lives)

If you’d rather just click through the slides, go for it below!

So what is your reason for doing the things you do at work?

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