New Ways for Organisations to Leverage External Expertise

Updated: May 25

DTB Services is a learning and talent development firm providing advisory, consulting, coaching and training services with a strong technology orientation

Most organisations engage external experts in three ways

  1. Training workshops/programs or coaching, typically for senior leaders and top talent

  2. Consulting like for strategy, problem-solving, system implementations and so on

  3. Outsourcing like for operations, services, product development, manufacturing and so on

What we believe is that there is room for a fourth option.

This fourth option intelligently combines all the three current engagement approaches into a single proposition. The focus of this proposition is to make building internal organisational capabilities the foundation of the approach to delivering scalable and sustainable solutions.

Capabilities will be built, not as stand-alone, an after-the-fact or a train-the-trainer initiative, but by using principles like apprenticeship-style, work-based learning with collaborative working at its core

Over the years I have developed and shared my expertise freely and without constraint, as I was mostly interested in ensuring the efficacy of what I have to offer and seeing the impact once implemented. This desire to see impact was sometimes difficult when the engagement scope or terms didn't include adequate access to the application and implementation context.

Regardless, I never let that stop me and I have done some awesome work with some great teams and leaders, had many interesting and engaging conversations which have led me to this point.

After more than 20 years of working, I am making a shift in my engagement strategy, refining and enhancing it in order to continue to offer increasing value.

I have come to realise that the impact I seek to have requires a unique model of engagement - a suitably configured relationship, that enables collaborative working, in a way that allows me to optimise the value I offer in concert with the internal capabilities and based on a shared commitment to outcomes.

I believe I have now managed to create such a proposition

You can read about the engagement plans by going HERE and I would like to offer you a free trial of this new way of seeking and working with external experts either as an organisation-sponsored leader or an intact or project team.

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