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Become an Adaptive Performer

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Purpose, Performance & Development |

With the pace of change in today's world, yesterday's knowledge will most likely not adequately help make tomorrow's decisions and yesterday's skills will most likely require adaptation to remain effective against tomorrow's challenges.

If you can achieve the results you want by just trying harder, it means you are capable and just need more effort.

However, if trying harder doesn’t get you the results, it means you need more domain knowledge or activity-specific skills than you currently possess. Your increased efforts, therefore, have to be towards development actions.

In the same way, if your development efforts raise your capabilities so you can now achieve the results you desire, it means you have adequate capacity for development.

However, if your development efforts are not increasing your capability enough to help you achieve the results you want, it means you need to increase and expand your capacity for development, which means developing your self-development skills.

For example, increasing your meta-cognitive abilities so you can be more effective at sensing the changing conditions of performance and dynamically adapting your knowledge and skills to achieve desired results or your ability to avoid being unknowingly impacted by your own beliefs, biases and assumptions.

What we do here is help you learn how to expand your capacity for development by focusing on your competencies applied to learning and development. The goal is to ensure your development efforts (decisions and actions) are sensitive to context and effective at improving your performance regardless of changing context.

Focus Areas

Learning Actions in Meta-Development Layer

  • Capacity for Domain Knowledge & Skills

  • Capacity for Self Knowledge & Skills


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