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Be Ready for Your Next Role

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Fulfilment, Growth & Career |

When you ask most people what roles they want to move into next, most find it hard to answer. Partly because they don’t know what roles exist, partly because they don’t really know what role they want.

The most common result of this lack of clarity is to use promotion and compensation increase to decide the next role - which role offers promotion and compensation increase, which function pays more or is viewed as more “prestigious”.

The work we do here helps you expand your view of the next role options by focusing on specific characteristics of roles that are largely consistent and are based on what it takes to succeed in the role.

This way, you can use your past and current experiences to decide on your next experience based on what you know you can do, what you have discovered you like to do and what you currently haven't experienced and want to experience.

With this knowledge, you can then take action to prepare yourself to be the best candidate for any opportunity that comes up in line with what you’ve identified.

Focus Areas

Discovering desired future roles by capabilty profile and problems to be solved

  • Same or different activity focus

  • Same or different domains of expertise

  • Same or different career level (competency requirements)


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