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In recent times, while working on some really interesting projects for forward looking companies, I had the privilege to meet a few L&D people who wanted to transform their learning design and delivery practices but had been finding it extremely frustrating to make it happen.

“I want my learning solutions to impact performance in this new and increasingly digitalised world”

“I want my solutions to drive an agile and dynamic organisational culture”

“I want to enable a learning culture that spurs growth-minded professionals”

“I want to develop managers and team leaders who create working conditions that allow their direct reports to discover their performance potential and shoot for the stars”

“I want to develop leaders who can successfully navigate their organisations through series of VUCA challenges and wicked problems, coming out better and stronger than ever each time”

“I want to create learning experiences that change lives for the better; that reveal the humanity in the entity that is the collective - the organisation"

These and other similar statements are examples of what these people want to accomplish but getting frustrated with their efforts and attempts.

I have helped a few L&D professionals navigate these challenges in the context of their roles and organisations. If you have similar desires to transform your learning practice, book a call to see if we can work together - you can book a 15-minute call here

To make it easier to access the support I provide, I’ve created programs into which you can enrol. The course packages help provide a foundation of core principles to aid our work together. The courses might also make it easier to get organisational sponsorship as part of the development budget. You can read more about the programs here

I look forward to speaking with you.

Sincerely yours,

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