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While working on sales transformation initiatives over the last 10 years, I repeatedly heard different frontline staff, sales managers and sales leaders express similar frustrations and challenges.

Our Sales productivity is too low”

“We have very little predictability of sales results”

“The reliability and validity of sales MI is not good enough”

“We don’t have a sales process or our teams and sales people are not following our sales process”

“The quality of the leads we get is not very good”

“All the quality leads are being wasted by the frontline”

“Frontline activities are not aligned to, or driving execution of our sales strategy”

“The level of frontline adoption and use of the technology we’ve made available is too low.

For the those working in the frontline, the sentiment tended to be around impossible targets with inadequate support. For the sales managers, it tended to be around unproductive frontline staff, inadequate frontline capacity and unrealistic targets from leaders. For leaders it tended to be ineffective sales management, unproductive frontline and strategy misalignment in the frontline.

I have helped a few sales professionals at different levels navigate these challenges in the context of their current roles. If you are facing similar challenges or know someone who is, book a quick call to see how we can work together - you can book a 15-minute call here

To make it easier to access the support I provide, I’ve created programs into which you can enrol. The course packages help provide a foundation of core principles to aid our work together. The courses might also make it easier to get organisational sponsorship as part of the development budget. You can read more about the programs here

I look forward to speaking with you.

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