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I have come to appreciate the challenges faced by non-individual contributors in organisations, the team managers and leaders. Across all the projects I’ve worked on over years, I find I am always having the very similar conversations with the team leaders

“I want to develop a high performance, growth-minded team but I don’t seem to be succeeding”

“I am trying to get my team to be agile and dynamic, collaborating well to get things done; I don’t think it’s working though”

“My bosses are asking for the impossible, the team is getting frustrated, I don’t know what to do”

“I have so many things on my plate, I have no time for the team”

“I need my team to do better and own the work I give them, instead of running to me every time”

“I find it hard to let them do things, they just don’t do a good enough job and I end up having to do it myself!”

“I don’t know how to manage or lead this team, they know a lot more than I do!”

These are some examples of what the team managers and leaders were expressing as challenges they were facing in their role.

I have worked on a few programs and initiatives to help people managers and team leaders navigate these exact challenges in the context of their roles and organisations. If you have similar desires to transform your team management and leadership practice, book a call to see if we can work together - you can book a 15-minute call here

To make it easier to access the support I provide, I’ve created programs into which you can enrol. The course packages help provide a foundation of core principles to aid our work together. The courses might also make it easier to get organisational sponsorship as part of the development budget. You can read more about the programs here

I look forward to speaking with you.

Sincerely yours,

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