A Development Optimiser Program Package


Enable performance agility with reflexive competency

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This package offers our "Managing Your Peformance" program and the four coaching extensions as a single sign up. 

As a package, these five programs focus on working with you towards becoming a true professional. A professional with the competency and capacity to recognise and undersand the dynamism of context and change with the agility to adapt and deliver value consistently.  

Responding to Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity with Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility.  

Core Program

Managing Your Performance 

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Everyone talks about managing performance but how do you actually do it?


This program explores and addresses some fundamental capabilities required to manage your performance and increase your ability to achieve desired results. The program experience includes personal development coaching to deepen understanding and increase the overall impact of the program objectives.

The program has three parts. Each part requires you to demonstrate understanding of the principles by applying them to assignments that are submitted. The assignments serve as a context for the 1-on-1 coaching sessions included in the program.

  • Part I: Performance - understanding and deconstruct performance activities

  • Part II: Capabilities - understand and identify performance-enabling knowledge and skills

  • Part III: Action Plans - understand and define learning actions to address performance-enabling knowledge and skill gaps


Optional Role Application (included in the Core Program)

The program includes options for you to submit additional assignments where instead of general example used to illustrate the concepts, you use the activities of your current role as context. Note that signing on for any of the coaching extension packages then allows you to continue the focus on the application to your role.

Coaching Extensions

Package Cost

Complete the programs in sequence