Learning Strategy - Transformation and Digitalisation

Learning Strategy - Transformation and Digitalisation

How can we get more from our investment in training workshops? What type of digital learning should we develop to deliver what type of digital learning experiences?

Some initial thoughts on this opportunity...

Reimagine Delivery of Classroom Workshops

  • Review existing face-to-face workshops and redesign for multi-channel delivery

  • Identify appropriate content to redesign and convert into digital

  • Identify opportunities to “Flip” the workshop by reducing one-way presentations by trainers and increasing opportunities to practice realistic activities under the guidance of trainers

  • Identify opportunities to tighten the workshop objectives to focus on applied skills and proficiency 

Reimagine Current Digital Learning

  • Review existing knowledge assets* and convert into modern digital library

  • Identify opportunities for rapid conversion into mobile-friendly digital learning resources

  • Identify content that will benefit from more intricate digital design and production due to stability, reach and potential impact 

  • Identify content that will be benefit from detailed instructional design due to complexity that needs to be resolved for it to be useful 

*(communications, presentations, recordings, etc)

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