Learning Culture - Performance & Talent Management

Learning Culture - Performance & Talent Management

How do we shift mindsets from a preoccupation with activities to a commitment to results, enabling the management of performance continuously and adaptively as activities are adjusted in response to changing context, in service of desired results.

Some initial thoughts on this opportunity...

Revise how you define development objectives for supervisors and team leaders.

  • Emphasise understanding of the practical difference between results and activities in specific technical domains they and their teams operate

  • Expand the appreciation of results and value beyond self or team to function and organisation

  • Refocus the attention of achievable results towards the industry and what others, particularly competition, are achieving or what is being considered as possible (not just inward - current and past organisation results)

  • Position all the other actiivty supervision and team leadership skills in the context of the clarity achieved from the ealier points

From USD4,000 /month

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