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Helping Employees Manage Their Careers and Professional Growth

Helping Employees Manage Their Careers and Professional Growth

How can we help employees recognise, appreciate and access the professional and career development opportunities in our organisation?

Initial Thoughts About this Proposition

Rethink the way you present your roles to employees

  • Allow employees to browse all the roles in the organisation with a consistent development-focused architecture that scales from entry-level to senior executive roles

  • Enable easy capability-based comparisons between roles

  • Enable knowledge and skill-based career pathing, not just job title based

  • Provide guidance and support for the proactive development of knowledge and skills to attain readiness and suitability for desired roles

  • Empower individuals to discover and proactively take actions needed to avail themselves of opportunities as they become available

To talk more about this proposition and how we can help you with this and other propositions, book a call with us. 

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How we can help

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