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Case Study: Large Full Service Bank in the Middle East

Case Study: Large Full Service Bank in the Middle East

Building Branch Manager Capabilities to Drive Retail Banking Strategy

About this Case Study

The Organisation

Working with Head of Retail Banking, CHRO, Head of Talent and Learning, and the Learning Academy Head.

  • Solution Owner: Retail Banking Head

  • Problem Solver: Head of Talent & Learning

  • Solution Implementer: Learning Academy Head

  • Duration: 12 Months

Problem Space

Retail banking transformation: gaps in branch network management capabilities to execute strategy

Solution Space

Branch network strategy, management and frontline sales roles and capabilities reviewed against retail banking strategy requirements.

Branch manager role prioritised with a certification focused on “able to perform the key activities and achieve results”

The Approach 

Capability Augmentation

  • Strategizing: reviewed and analysed retail strategy to distil out people capability requirements for successful execution, organisational resource requirements to secure appropriate sponsorship, and enabler capabilities (e.g. Learning team) to embed the development needs as part of the engagement

  • Creating: designed “able to do and achieve” certification framework and defined multi-channel learning solutions to be sourced externally (with adaption) or developed in-house

  • Engaging: worked with primary co-creators (problem solver and solution implementer) to educate, influence and align executive sponsors and all stakeholders and brief external partners/vendors

Capacity Augmentation

  • Engaging: creating decks and communication assets to help co-creators get the necessary message across to key stakeholders. Running enabler workshops to get the teams to a level of understanding and skilfulness to implement the solution and manage the ongoing updates and maintenance

  • Supervising: outlining project workstreams and milestones, based on solution construct to aid project planning and management. Reviewing the submissions/deliverables from external partners/vendors for alignment to brief and suitability for agenda

  • Execution: developed a few working prototypes of solution concepts, digital and reimagined workshop experiences to aid both stakeholder understanding and build internal capabilities.

Solution Value

  • Delivered Efficiently: Solution launched within committed timelines and within the budget allocated

  • Quality: It was a novel approach not just to the team but to the region. Vendors were forced to up their game in order to be involved (many indicated it was the first time overall and for some, first time this client). Learner’s reported value of the experience as significant and unique not just from the organisation but from the industry

  • Impact: Branch manager performance increased significantly in direct relationship to completed learning experiences (completion of learning experiences required demonstration of progress on-the-job supported by a coach)

The internal learning team is fully equipped to run the program, and update the program (they are still running it now).

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