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Online Programs

All programs are free to access once you register a free account

All programs are designed as guided reflective journeys focused on purpose, intentionality, performance, growth, and fulfillment.

The programs aim to support meaning-making and skill-building through deliberate practice and critical reflection. All programs are offered free with content libraries. 

Shaping Pottery

What You Get


You can access the course content immediately after joining. It is free.


Every program includes program groups you can join to discuss with other participants and experts and get additional support for your reflective and deliberate practice. Group membership comes free with the program.

Live Sessions

All programs offer on-demand live sessions for stated minimum group sizes as small as three (3) people. These on-demand live sessions are optional with the cost indicated in the respective programs. 


Sign up for coaching plans to get personalized augmentation and scaffolding of your efforts as you try to integrate the program concepts, principles, and frameworks into your activities towards achieving your goals. 

What You Get
Program List

New Programs Coming Soon...

Stepping Forward as a Student

Coming in Q2 2022

Image by devn

Stepping Forward as a Professional

Coming in Q2 2022

Business Meeting _edited.jpg

Stepping Forward as a Team Leader

Coming in Q3 2022


Stepping Forward as a Father

Coming in Q2 2022


Stepping Forward as a Leader of Teams

Coming in Q3 2022


Stepping Forward as an Organisational Leader

Coming in Q4 2022

Programs Coming Soon
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