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New features launching on the Career Optimiser Soon!


26 Nov 2021

Career Optimiser's learning recommendations getting a major upgrade.

The Career Optimiser application has been live now for a little over a month and its been used actively by people from all over the world and the experience is set to become even more useful.

The career optimiser was developed as an alternative approach to educating people about how to think about jobs, roles, professional development and careers. The focus on capabilities over job titles with its simplified 3 circle view of capabilities helps keep the focus on what's important, results and value. The application addresses how to think about developing the capabilities necessary to deliver value in jobs and provides support for searching for specific types of resources that help build capabilities. It also supports identifying development priorities and creating a plan to address it.

However, at the moment, the search is performed outside the application and the ability to integrate the results into the plan wasn't yet implemented.

In a few weeks, the learning recommendations functionality will be upgraded. You will now have access to a default learning catalogue with resources curated from everywhere, be able to save your own personalised library based on specific capabilities and be able to include those resources in your development plan.

Really looking forward to releasing these enhancements and seeing how it helps everyone!

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