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Expanding Collaborations


26 Nov 2021

Expanding impact and reach without sacrificing value and focus

DTB Services is all about people. We are committed to helping everyone with whom we have a relationship take bold and successful steps towards achieving their goals, regardless of the context of the relationship.

As we do this work, we discover people who share our vision and goals and through these people we see opportunities to increase our shared impact through combined capabilities and expand our shared reach through combined capacity.

We are really pleased to be able to initiate our strategic goal of growing our network of collaborators with Joshua Hong from Better Dads Malaysia (BDM) and Vinuyon Ramos from VinuyonRamos Coaching.

These two people and their organisations are different and unique. Together, they represent how we are thinking about collaborations. We are in the process of adding more collaborators and look forward to even more exciting times ahead!

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