How We Help

Our services are delivered in line with our core proposition

We operate from a capacity and capability augmentation perspective 

  • Capacity augmentation means we co-create the solutions with you, thereby augmenting your internal capacity to deliver

  • Capability augmentation means we deliberately seek to transfer any unique expert knowledge and skills to individuals and teams responsible for ensuring sustainable realisation of the value of the solutions we deploy

We offer a consistent approach to all engagements

Clear Results


Clear Activities


Clear Accountable Persons


Levels of Engagement
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We work with Individuals (accountable persons) or project teams with leaders (intact or hybrid). 

Our engagement options 

  • Engagements can be for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months 

  • Engagement duration can also be determined by the requirements of the specific deliverables

  • Engagement fees start from - USD4,000 for basic, USD 10,000 for partial and USD20,000 for full. 

  • Actual fees for each engagement level is based on the duration of the engagement and the scope of the engagement at that level