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The career optimiser platform has been developed to solve the problem of career options and development opportunities always coming up in engagement surveys as key areas to work on.


The platform addresses both of these by presenting jobs as capability profiles and using a unique capabilty and competency profiling approach to present all roles in the organisation to every employee. The unique approach to capability profiling facilitates identification of performance and growth requirements in current role and next role opportunities, showing each next opportunity with it's attendant level of difficulty. 


With the recent launch with an anchor client in Singapore, we are now working towards the next phase of development and seeking support by leveraging the value of our services. 

Primarily, we are looking for 4 more clients to get on the platform for the configuration cost of only US$50,000 and an annual subscription of $10,000. Getting on now gives your organisation a couple of things:

  1. The value of the configuration process - analysing, creating and presenting capability profiles for all roles in the organisation and the whole organisation as a network of development and growth opportunities.

  2. Early access to the platform with customisation flexibilities - having all configured information presented in an interactive way supporting development planning and conversations for performance and growth at scale, and with unprecedented customisation options due only to early access.

Book a call for a demo of the platform or scroll further down to read more about the platform.

If your organisation or any you know is not quite ready to subscribe to the platform, you can still support in any of the other two ways below:

"Retaining our organisational services" or "Paying our individual services forward"

Subscribing to the Career Optimiser Platform


Career Optimiser
Looking for Four (4) businesses to join our anchor client and subscribe to the platform 

Retaining our Organisational Services


Organisation Services
Looking for Ten (10) business retainers of at least 3 months each

Paying it Forward with our Individual Services


Individual Services
Looking for people Pay It Forward for Fifty (50) Individuals