A Career Optimiser Program Package


Grow with your experiences into your full potential as a professional

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This package offers our "Managing Your Career" program and the four coaching extensions in a single sign up. 

As a package, the programs works with you to develop and grow as a true professional, regardless of field, discipline, industry or role. Your years of experience should result in levels of mastery, confidence and courage. 

The multiple hours invested in performing various tasks in different roles, across varying contexts should translate into levels of expertise; that is what this package of programs aims to enable.  

Core Program

Managing Your Career

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This core program focuses on establishing the capability framework on which performance readiness for current and future roles will be based.


The program has three parts. Each part requires you to demonstrate understanding of the principles by applying them to assignments that are submitted. These assignments serve as a context for the 1-on-1 coaching sessions included in the program.

  • Part I: Professional Activities - understanding roles as a set of common activities that can be mastered and what developing mastery means

  • Part II: Domains of Expertise - understanding different types of domain expertise as the key requirement for solving problems and demonstrating value in any role

  • Part III: Competencies - understanding what competencies mean in relation to the ability to respond to the demands and expectations of any role, deliver results and solve problems, master activities and develop required domain expertise

Coaching Extensions

Package Cost

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