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Living Life With Purpose

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Hi All,

Happy New Year. Wishing you all an awesome year ahead!

I was editing a set of slides for a video I plan to record on Managing Your Intentionality and ended up revising a set of resources that I felt will be useful, so I am sharing them with the group.


Hi all, something to think about:

Pursuing your purpose starts with having enough knowledge and understanding to recognize our intentions and be intentional across our many decisions and actions. Next, having confidence in our ability to take the actions necessary to achieve what we desire.

Education is macro, it expands our ability to envision new possibilities

Performance support and training are micro, they increase our ability to turn possibilities in our current context into achievements.


Hi All,

You can now register for the December “managing your performance” workshop. Visit the event page to register.

Pre -event Q&A for this session will open on 3rd December. Register for the workshop for more details and do share with anyone you believe will benefit from attending.


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