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Happy New Year to all!

I was reflecting on a question someone asked me 2 weeks ago about the career optimiser framework and it led me to create this 2-page document (infographic of sorts). Have a look and let me know what you think of it.

Career Optimiser Overview
Download PDF

Note: The Career Optimiser application has also been updated to include this as a downloadable resource and the plan and learn tabs have been updated with more guidance. Cheers!



Check out the first version of the learning catalogue

The learning catalogue is now live on the career optimiser. You can browse the curated list of videos, articles and courses. You can also add items to your personal learning library.

Log in and see how the resources might help you discover new perspectives or insights about your area of professional practice! If you don’t have an account on the career optimiser, simply create one, it’s free.

The curated list will be updated regularly and more features are in the pipeline to be launched soon.

Hi! One of the key challenges we all face is recognising how our experiences are impacting us, particularly how they affect our capacity to develop capabilities and the new capabilities we are developing as a result.

After years of significant experiences as a student and then as a working professional, some of us could still end up not knowing what we are really good at.

Now think about this - as a kid, we can easily recognise how we were learning, growing and developing. Think about the difference between what a 6-year-old can do and achieve to what a 16-year-old can do and achieve. Then think about what was going on from when they were born till 16 years….

We see very clearly the relationship between increasing/expanding capacity to learn, grow and develop (e.g physical capacity - e.g. what you can carry, mental capacity - e.g. what you can understand,…


Hi All,

You can now register for the December “managing your career” workshop. Visit the event page to register.

Pre-event Q&A for this session will open on 10th December. Register for the workshop for more details and do share with anyone you believe will benefit from attending.



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