Development Optimiser

For us, the development optimiser is about helping each person learn to leverage every experience, whatever and wherever it might be, to develop the knowledge, skills and perspectives to be the best they can be, offer the most value they can offer and enjoy a life of achievements with fulfilment. 

Life is the ultimate "classroom". For adults, their context of economic participation, be it employment or entrepreneur comes in as the close second or often first in the work-life balance debate,


We fully embrace the idea that learning is the natural human response to a goal-oriented, purpose-driven life.

The development optimiser is the core of our solution proposition, existing as a key part of both our career optimiser and community optimiser solutions. 

Working with people in organisations, our development optimiser approach uses the project, the agenda, the initiative, or the role performance expectations as the development context and through co-creation, help the individuals or teams achieve both their deliverables as well as an increase in related capabilities to make the impact achieved sustainable for the organisation.  

Development Optimiser Courses and Coaching Plans

We developed the development optimiser programs to help individuals address specific capabilities that enable greater success in life and at work. These are not courses, they are enhanced coaching programs designed to address the stated development goals within the context of your current realities. 


The coaching programs have been carefully designed to kick-start your progress towards your personal goals in the areas addressed by each program. The programs embed unique learning experiences in your real-life decisions and actions.


The programs are delivered via an online engagement platform, facilitated by a "personal development consultant" who delivers a combination of teaching, coaching, advisory and consulting support as needed, to augment your capacity and capabilities in the service of achieving your goals. 

The video below introduces the development optimiser, answering the questions:

  1. What is the development optimiser?

  2. What Problem are you solving?

  3. How do the solutions work?

  4. What do you mean by scaffolds?

  5. How is the solution accessed?