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Testimonial: Ramos V

Development Consultant

Dr. Dehumo Bickersteth (Ed.D)

Dehumo is a human centric people solutions strategist with over 20 years of global experience providing solutions to organisations and individuals across industries and disciplines.

Testimonial: Ramos V

Testimonial Details

Dehumo, brought light to a chaotic mind and confused heart.

I knew I was not fulfilled working on my 9-5 job with my level of performance. I knew I could do much more, I knew I had much more to give, more so I believed there was something blocking my expressions fully.

Dehumo helped unravel the issues that were bugging my mind. He helped bring clarity and direction. Just a conversation with him gave me confidence that there was hope and I had a settled mind but not a solution in the first instance.

Dehumo is able to gently tease out your strengths without judgement, you leave every conversation with clarity, direction and confidence that “you can” and you can also see the road ahead.

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