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Managing Performance in Your Role

Development Consultant

Dr. Dehumo Bickersteth (Ed.D)

Dehumo is a human centric people solutions strategist with over 20 years of global experience providing solutions to organisations and individuals across industries and disciplines.

Managing Performance in Your Role

About this Possibility

When you ask people who have been working for years what they are really good at, most find it hard to answer. They can talk about what they have been doing but not about how good they are at anything in particular, even if they have been working in the same types of roles all along.

This experience aims to help you change that by reframing the experience of a job to focus on the capabilities you can develop and demonstrate because of the opportunity to perform in that job.

This helps you see all your job experiences as stories that represent the evolution and development of your holistic capabilities.

Focus Areas

Writing performance objectives and leveraging the performance management process

  • Job Objectives & Job Engagement

  • Activities

  • Capabilities and Development

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