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Creating Your Capability Profile

Development Consultant

Dr. Dehumo Bickersteth (Ed.D)

Dehumo is a human centric people solutions strategist with over 20 years of global experience providing solutions to organisations and individuals across industries and disciplines.

Creating Your Capability Profile

About this Possibility

Writing a resume is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your capabilities and communicate that to anyone seeking people with such capabilities. Sadly, the practice of resume writing and reading tends to equate where you worked, what you did and what schools you attended with capabilities.

In reality, your capabilities start with your humanity, what you are able to achieve given any set of circumstances. It is not merely about your school and academic qualification or jobs and work experience. It is the sum total of your life experiences of which school and work are simply aspects.

This  experience does not focus on what you write about yourself in a document, it focuses on what you believe about yourself.

First, you need to know and believe in your capabilities then you can authentically communicate what you believe in writing and in conversations, using stories from your wealth of experiences.

Focus Areas

Defining the problem you are best suited to solve

  • Activity focus and level of mastery

  • Domains of expertise and level of expertise

  • Competencies and capacity for accountability and leadership

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