Defining your career aspirations (CBCM4)

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Dehumo is a human centric people solutions strategist with over 20 years of global experience providing solutions to organisations and individuals across industries and disciplines.

About the program

Why take this Program?

Thinking about your next role can be hard enough, thinking beyond your next role is probably an exercise in fantasy.... but maybe not. 

This micro-development experience uses the idea of a purpose and true north to visualise a distant future with enough details to make it real but not so much to make it fixed. 

Knowing which direction you want your life to head will guide the micro, day-to-day decisions you need to make. 

Every step you take in the direction you set, offers you additional perspectives of your true north which then increases the insights, improving the details, and therefore providing even greater guidance for the next set of decisions and actions,... and the story goes on. 

True north is not a destination, it’s a direction and every milestone, every pit stop on that path, is an achievement in the right direction, whatever it is.

Program Structure


Overview of the program and the learning platform

Your Career Aspirations

Do you know your aspirations?

  • Activity - reflecting on your current thoughts about long-term career aspirations 

Understand your priorities and aspirations

  • Helping you understand how to think about long-term plans and possible career trajectories 

  • Taking a deep look at what success in life means to you and how that might change as you progress through various stages in life 

  • Studying your past professional experiences and your current thinking about desired next roles for insights into possible paths  

Create your career plan

  • Activity - articulating your vision for your career and putting together some milestones to guide progress towards realising that vision


It is possible to exend the coaching support for this goal if you want to keep working on it beyond the 4 weeks of the program.

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