Become a deliberate practitioner (LfX2)

Course length

Initial duration defined during discovery


Dehumo Bickersteth

Dehumo is a learning and talent development strategist with over 20 years of global experience providing solutions to organisations and individuals across industries and disciplines.

About the program

Why take this Program?

With clear results, you know whether or not you are succeeding or making progress. 

Trying harder should increase the level of success or pace of progress, but it doesn’t always. Knowing that there is a way to “try harder” if you want it to impact success is the focus of this experience. 

By trying harder the right way, you are more likely to impact your level of success or pace of progress. 

This micro-development experience is focused on helping you understand how to take advantage of experiences you encounter as opportunities to progressively master the skills you want to master.  

Program Structure


Overview of the program and the learning platform

Creating Your Productivity Plan

Your current productivity plan

  • Activity - a reflection on your typical day or week, where you spend your time and energy in relation to what you are trying to achieve

Understanding Deliberate Practice

  • Taking a quick overview of results and activities as they relate to performance and achieving success (LfX1)

  • Taking a deep look into the mechanics of skill development and mastery 

  • Rethinking what it means to do and how doing can be practising

  • Taking a closer look at deliberate practice, what it is and how you might adopt the practice

Create and Track your Deliberate Practice Plan

  • Activity - consciously making time to practise before and during significant activities and seeing what impact it has on confidence, courage and results achieved


It is possible to exend the coaching support for this goal if you want to keep working on it beyond the 4 weeks of the program.

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