Courses and Programs

Our course and programs focus on meaning-making and skill-building through practical application (deliberate practice) and critical thinking (reflective practice).


All our courses are made up of three experiences:

  • CONTENT - The course content can be accessed free on our LMS accessible via the Career Optimiser. Simply create a free account on the Career Optimiser Application and access the LMS links from the app. 

  • DISCUSSIONS - Join the Course Groups here to discuss with others and the experts, access support for your reflective and deliberate practice or attend our workshops scheduled across the year (browse events page).

  • COACHING - Sign up for coaching to get personalized augmentation and scaffolding of your efforts as you try to integrate the development and career optimizer concepts, principles and frameworks into your activities towards achieving your goals. 

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Managing Your Performance

Learn to push the possibilities of performance in your current role or situation.


This course introduces our development optimiser framework and principles addressing the following:

  • Optimizing performance

  • Performing actions with intentionality

  • Understanding and managing the impact and power of emotions on thoughts, decisions, and actions

  • Paying attention to the social context and variables impacting meaningful decisions and actions.

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Managing Your Career

Learn to increase your professional value from within

This course introduces our career optimiser framework and principles addressing the following:

  • Optimizing growth

  • Taking ownership of your experiences

  • Rising up to the challenges of your level of authority and responsibilities

  • Developing your capabilities to close any remedial performance gaps

  • Pursuing aspirational performance and activating growth opportunities unique to you.


Career Optimiser Application

Explore and broaden your perspective of jobs, roles, and capabilities

The Career Optimiser is designed to help individuals reimagine career options and organizations reimagine how they support employee professional and career development.


The application gives you access to free courses and useful content. It provides an easy-to-navigate generic organization with roles across various units and tracks presented not as job titles but as capability profiles that can be easily compared.