Course Packages

Beyond Resumes - Develop Your Capability Profile

Writing a resume is the perfect opportunity to reflect on just how capable you are as a human being and communicate that capability to anyone seeking people with such capabilities.

Sadly, the practice of resume writing and reading tends to equate where you worked, what you did and what schools you attended with capabilities.

In reality, your capabilities start with your humanity, what you are able to achieve given any set of circumstances. It is not merely about your school and academic qualification or jobs and work experience. It is the sum total of your life experiences of which school and work are simply aspects.

This micro-development experience does not focus on what you write about yourself in a document, it focuses on what you believe about yourself.

Learn to Manage Performance

Everyone talks about managing performance but how do you actually do it?! 

This course package promises to explore and address some fundamental capabilities required to help you manage your performance and increase your ability to achieve desired results.

The first course in the course package is offered free as a preview.

The course package also offers personal development coaching as a separate paid option to deepen understand and increase overall impact of the program objectives.