A human centric, people solutions firm providing advisory, consulting, coaching and training services with a strong technology orientation

What We Offer

We work with organisations and individuals, delivering value through deep collaboration and co-creation. 



We operate from a capacity and capability augmentation perspective. We provide just the level of expertise and additional capacity you need to deliver on the agenda or execute the project successfully. 

Read more in the organisational services section about how we can help and a few examples of the kind of services we offer.   

Taking Notes


Our work with individuals is about helping each person learn to leverage every experience, whatever and wherever it might be, to develop the knowledge, skills and perspectives needed to be the best they can be, to offer the most value they can offer and to enjoy a life of achievements with fulfilment. 

Courses & Programs


Our Value  and Purpose


We believe human beings can achieve the seemingly impossible if sufficiently engaged and motivated

We believe Intentionality is a driver of development and development enables true agency 


We aspire to help everyone discover and learn to solve the problems they are uniquely talented to solve thereby living their lives with fulfilment and to full potential.

What Individuals Say...


Our Work With Organisations

Image by Jisun Han

Singapore Exchange Ltd.

(SGX Singapore)

  • Career Optimiser Portal 

  • SAP SuccessFactors PMGM & LMS Implementation

Hong Kong Skyline

Prudential Corporation Asia

(Hong Kong)

  • Agency Sales Training Transformation (Strategy and Execution)

  • Corporate Learning Strategy and Workday LMS Implementation


Al Rajhi Bank
(Saudi Arabia)

  • Branch Manager Training and Role Certification

  • Credit Risk Certification 

  • Career Development Paths and Development Plans 

  • Talent Strategy and Development Principles



  • Modern Work Business Group: Microsoft 365 adoption programs, Modern Work & Security newsletters

  • Cloud & Country AI Plan: Program budget management, internal community newsletters

Image by Zhu Hongzhi

(Asia-Pacific and Japan)

  • Channel Partner communications and newsletters

  • Asia Pacific & Japan Partner Programs


Our Capabilities

Dehumo Bickersteth

Dehumo is the owner and principal consultant of DTB Services. 
He set up DTB Services because he believes the learning and development profession is more than training; it enables people to solve problems.
"We can do a lot more to help people integrate and leverage experiences from all aspects of their lives to address challenges and achieve success with fulfilment in any aspect of their lives - professional, religious or social"

Melissa Low

Melissa leads the communication and program management practice.
A passionate program management and marketing communications professional with extensive experience in executive/internal communications, through-the-line advertising & brand management, integrated marketing & communications, She leads projects and initiatives with  virtual multi-cultural teams, building strong relationships with clients, their partners and all stakeholders.


We believe in the power of collaboration, seeking to achieve a whole that is always greater than the sum of the parts. 
We work with a wide range of experts who share our values and principles and we are always seeking new people with whom we can collaborate to bring the most value to every engagement and related projects. 


We believe in the power of technology to augment human capacity and capabilities when used with intent. 

We are constantly researching technology and tools that can scaffold the process of developing solutions and the sustainability of implementation.

We push the affordances of technology to offer the most value to all the projects we work on and the solutions we implement.  






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