Community Optimiser

The community optimiser represents our efforts to help communities unlock the phenomenal depth and breadth of developmental support that the diversity of the members can offer. We take our core development optimiser principles and apply them to the social context of a purposeful community. 


The approach taken is to:


  1. Recognise the community by name so becoming a member is done deliberately

  2. Introduce purpose by creating roles for members to play with each role have clear activities and results that are of value to both the individual and the community 

  3. Provide a private and unique platform for all this to happen separate from mainstream platforms that already have their associated context, uses, and related experiences.  

Examples of communities include

  1. Faith-based communities - churches

  2. School-based communities - alumni

  3. Event-based communities - event alumni

  4. Professional communities - Communities of Practice (CoPs)

The video below introduces the community optimiser and answers the questions: 

  1. What is the Community Optimiser?

  2. How do you define communities?

  3. What is involved in setting up a community?

  4. Examples of Communities - Group 1 Members

  5. Examples of Communities - Group 2 Members

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