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Managing Your Career


This program is for you if you want guidance in creating a capability profile, reflecting on the capabilities your experiences over the years have helped you develop and what experiences to seek out to develop the capabilities you want going forward. The program has three parts. Each part helps you to apply the principles to your unique circumstances using templates. ​ Experience 1: Professional Activities - understanding roles as a set of common activities that can be mastered and what developing mastery means Experience 2: Domains of Expertise - understanding different types of domain expertise as the key requirement for solving problems and demonstrating value in any role Experience 3: Competencies - understanding what competencies mean in relation to the ability to respond to the demands and expectations of any role, deliver results, solve problems and address any capability gaps. Each experience is anchored to an OPTIONAL live 1-hr virtual session. Please note the following about the live sessions in the program: The live sessions are OPTIONAL and cost $50 per person, are available on-demand but require a minimum of three (3) people to run, therefore, it is highly recommended that you find friends or colleagues and join the program as a group with a minimum group size is 3. The final experience gets you to think about and try out additional coaching support and see if you’d need it to help you turn the insights from the program into enabling habits.

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