The Career Optimiser Platform

The career optimiser aims to provide organisations, employees and professionals with a different way to think about career progression and aspirations. We take the core principles behind our development optimiser and apply them to job experiences to support career decisions.

Using the framework, the career optimiser platform presents roles with clear development propositions, inviting employees to realise and optimise how the experiences in each role drive their performance and growth.  

About the Framework and The Platform

The video below provides an overview of some key aspects of the career optimiser framework as implemented on the platform:

  1. What is the Career Optimiser?

  2. Why is it needed?

  3. What is the Framework?

  4. Can you elaborate on the dimensions?

  5. What is the view on Learning & Development?

  6. What will it take to deploy?

How to Deploy the Platform

The platform can be configured and go live in 6 - 12 weeks if all information is available and shared. 

Configuration, Setup, and First Year Subscription

From USD 60,000

Yearly Subscription 

From USD 10,000

Experience the Platform