Career Optimiser

The career optimiser aims to provide organisations, employees and professionals with a different way to think about career progression and aspirations. We take the core principles behind our development optimiser solutions and apply them to job experiences to support career decisions.


The career optimiser uses a simple framework that recognises the importance of the unique opportunity provided by every role context and enables every experience as an opportunity to:


  1. Identify and continue to hone and leverage core strengths

  2. Develop self-efficacy for career progress and goals 

  3. Turn every week, month and year of experiences into opportunities to master skills made possible by the unique context

Using the framework, jobs are presented with clear development propositions that invite employees or professionals to discover and embrace the challenges of performance they present. Paying attention to the challenges that resonate with the person they are becoming as they pass through the stages of their lives and careers. 

The video below provides a short overview of some of the key aspects of the career optimiser answering the questions:

  1. What is the Career Optimiser?

  2. Why is it needed?

  3. Can you elaborate on the dimensions?

  4. What is the view on Learning & Development?

  5. What will it take to deploy?

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